android context menu example

android context menu example

android context menu example

android context menu example is explained using android chronometer. Here in this android tutorial i have used android chronometer to display timer and want to stop start or reset timer using Context Menu. for displaying context menu you need to add separate XML file of the menu later on you need to inflate this menu file with to display menu at run time. Check complete code of on how to display context menu in android or how to use chronometer in android.

Questions related with Context Menu and Chronometer in Android

  • Create a context menu for the Chronometer control. Also write line of code to
    explain how to handle the ContextMenu clicks
  • What is Context Menu? How it is different from Option Menu? Explain
    creating context menu taking suitable example
  • When I click the menu button on the emulator, is that option menu? YES
  • By long-tapping on any widget will display Context Menu : YES
  • Write a code example that creates context menu for the Chronometer control.
    Also explain how to handle the ContextMenu clicks in the Activity
  • Explain with code snippet creation of context menu for Chronometer control
    and how to handle the ContextMenu clicks?
  • Explain context menu with example
  • Explain onCreateContextMenu() and registerForContextMenu()
  • Differentiate Context Menu and Option Menu
  • or what purpose Chronometer is used? Explain the Chronometer object’s format attribute and explain the different methods associated with Chronometer
  • What is uses of Chronometer widgets and list its important properties and event
  • Which methods can be used with Chronometer object?

Location : res/location

File : activity_main.xml

Location : src/package

File :


Location: res\menu

File : startstopmenu.xml


Output 1

android context menu example

Output 2

android context menu example

Output 3

android context menu example

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