android how to export apk

android how to export apk

android how to export apk

android how to export apk tutorial will help you to generate apk file from your android project. Signed Apk file can be used to upload your apk into play store or install apps on your mobile or other devices, Here I have explained step by step guide to on android how to export apk which can be helpful to generate apk.

There are two types of apk file is available, 1) Signed and 2) UnSigned. Unsinged apk needs to be signed before you can upload it to the play store or mobile device, while signed apk file can be used as it is.

Signed apk means you need to attach one certification to your apk file this certification key is very important if you are going to relaunch updated version of the apps on play store, you need to use the same key each time when you are generating apk file.

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Step by step tutorial on how to generate apk file

Step 1: Right Click on Project

Step 2: Select Android Tools

Step 3: Select Export Signed Application Package

android how to generate apk


Step 4: Here Project Name will be displayed (else select your project using browse button)

Step 5: Next

android how to generate apk


Step 6: Here you need to select key store options. If you are using the first time then you need to select “create new key store” option else you can use “use existing Keystore” and select key file using browse button.


Step 7: Enter Password and confirm password (Remember this password for all future uses)


Step 8: Next

android how to generate apk


Step 9: If you are creating the first time then you need to provide additional information for Key Creation like alias: give name, password and confirm password should be same, validity: 25 and First and Last Name


Step 10: Next


android how to generate apk


Step 11: Select Location for Destination of APK File

Step 12: Click on Finish to Generate APK


android how to generate apk


Note: You can use this APK to install apps on your device or upload on Play store.



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