google will give you the answer

google will give you the answer

google will give you the answer

have you read the title “google will give you the answer”, Yes Google is becoming intelligent day by day. Google developer group is working very hard to find out the pattern of the user questions and very shortly they will present with new google called as google will give you the answer.

What will happen when you just type the answer that i want to cook food dish and google will give you the exact reference details or you ask to google where is my friend Raj and they will give exact location of Raj.

As we all know that technology is changing day by day and Information technology has changed the complete working style in last few years, just think before 3-5 years you are visiting various places to purchase anything or to know anything, Now time has changed with google we can find any specific information easily without going outside our home.

Google is working very hard to generate result, basically its uses data mining to generate result based on your query, Hope upcoming google version can help you to solve our basic problem like as follow.

“how to purchase house ? with low value”

“how to decrease petrol value ?”

“how to purchase food?”

“how to increase salary?”

“how to earn more?”

Adarsh Patel

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