GTU Android Program 13 Read all Message (SMS)

GTU Android Program 13 Read all Message (SMS)

GTU Android Program 13

Read Message is very easy task in Android. Here I have explained how you can read all message which is available in the message inbox. After Social messenger apps like whatsapp or hike has launched we are mostly using this apps instead of normal message, but still if you would like to do something with message you can use this code to read all message and use it.

Questions Related with Android Message API

  • Explain sending and Receiving SMS programmatically with example.
  • What XML should be placed with AndroidManifest.xml to give
    permission for send and receive SMS?
  • What is needed by the application to send an SMS?
  • Write code snippet for following… Sending an SMS

Step 1 : Crete android project.

Step 2 : Write code as i have explained here.

Step 3 : How to Send SMS to Emulator for Testing ?

  • 3.1 Go to DDMS
  • 3.2 Select Current Running Emulator from left Pane.
  • 3.3 Select Emulator option from right Pane
  • 3.4 Write down incoming number as 123
  • 3.5 Select SMS and write down your message
  • 3.6 Hit send button.

Location : res\layout

FileName: activity_main.xml


Location : src\package




GTU Android Program 13

Download Complete Code

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