GTU Android Program 7 Android Menu Example

GTU Android Program 7 Understand Android Menu option. Create an application that will change color of the screen, based on selected options from the menu.

ndroid Program 7

Android Menu is the most common functionality used by most of the android apps. Using menu you can avail the most useful functionality to users. Basically there are two ways to add items into menu. 1) using xml file and 2) using programmatically (coding). Here i have used xml file to add menu. using programmatically i have change color of background based on the click.

Don’t forget to add menu using menu.xml file from menu folder of res, else you can download complete project using link at the bottom. You may be interested in Android Timer Tutorial.


Location : res\layout

FileName: activity_main.xml

Location : res\menu

FileName: main.xml

Location : src\package\

FileName :


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