GTU MCA SLMC Program 3 Android OnKeyListener Example

GTU MCA SLMC Program 3 Create login application where you will have to validate EmailID(UserName). Till the username and password is not validated , login button should remain disabled.

GTU MCA SLMC Program 3

Validation is must for any kind of applications, Here I have explained validation using OnKeyListener() of the EditText Control of Android. In Android EditText Control is used to get user input, suppose If you are accepting some values from the user and you want to validate on the fly untill user enter exact correct values. If user enter correct values then you would like to move to next operation in this situation you can use following code.

Location : res\layout

FileName: activity_main.xml


Location : src\package\

FileName :


Output 1

GTU MCA SLMC Program 3


Output 2

GTU MCA SLMC Program 3

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