GTU WTAD Practical 23 : Java Servlet querystring Example

GTU WTAD Practical 23 :   Develop a interest calculation application in which user will provide all information in HTML form and that will be processed by servlet and response will be generated back to the user.

GTU WTAD Practical 23

This Servlet will explain how to create simple interest calculator using Servlet and send back processed data back to the calling page and display.

File Name : index.jsp

File Location : Tomcat_Apache\webapps\gtu23\


File Name :

File Location : Tomcat_Apache\webapps\gtu23\WEB-INF\classes


File Name : web.xml

File Location : Tomcat_Apache\webapps\gtu23\WEB-INF


Output (Initial)

GTU WTAD Practical 23


Output 2 (After Submission)

GTU WTAD Practical 23


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