GTU WTAD Practical 30 : Java MySQL Connectivity Example

GTU WTAD Practical 30 : Write a Java application to invoke a stored procedure using a CallableStatement. For this a stored procedure called incrementSalary may be developed to increase all the employees salary by a percentage specified in the parameter.

GTU WTAD Practical 30

Database : Mysql

Database username : root

Database Password : <blank>

Database Name: mydabase

Table : employee

Column : emp_id,emp_name_emp_salary

My SQL Procedure :


To call SQL Procedure (10 % Salary Increment passed as parameter):


File Name : index.jsp

File Location : Tomcat_Apache\webapps\gtu30\


File Name :

File Location : Tomcat_Apache\webapps\gtu30\WEB-INF\classes


File Name : web.xml

File Location : Tomcat_Apache\webapps\gtu30\WEB-INF\



GTU WTAD Practical 30

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