GTU WTAD Practical 35 : JSP Page directives Example

GTU WTAD Practical 35 : Write a JSP Page to use JSP’s Page directives.

GTU WTAD Practical 35

Hope you have understand the basic concepts about jsp programming. Here I would like to explain jsp page directive with example. Check our jsp page directive with example and leave your comments. JSP Page directive is used to give direction to page for import or contenttype related features.

File Name : index.jsp

File Location : Tomcat_Apache\webapps\gtu35\



File Name : 404.jsp

File Location : Tomcat_Apache\webapps\gtu35\


File Name : web.xml

File Location : Tomcat_Apache\webapps\gtu35\WEB-INF



GTU WTAD Practical 35

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