Java Multiple Choice Question Part 2

Java Multiple Choice Question

Java Multiple Choice Question

1. Is it compulsory to capitalize first letter of class name. (No)

2. ______________ keyword is used to inherit class. (extends)

3. ____________ class is the super class of all the classes. (Object)
4. ______________ keyword is used to inherit interface. (implements)
5. The default package imported in Java is  (java.lang)

6. is valid statement (boolean b3 = false)? _____________ (true)
7._________ class cannot be a subclass in java (final)
8. Can we access private class outside the package (No)

9. is valid statement (boolean myvar = ‘true’)? _____________ (false)
10. Runnable is interface (true)
11. Package of drawstring() method is _____________ (java.awt)
12. Object class is the base class for all objects. (Yes)
13. full form of JIT is ______________________ (just in time)

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