java servlet cookie

java servlet cookie

GTU WTAD Practical 24 : Develop an application to demonstrate how the client (browser) can remember the last time it visited a page and displays the duration of time since its last visit. (Hint: use Cookie)

java servlet cookie

java servlet cookie example I have explained,  how to use Cookies in Java Servlet. Here I have stored last visited date and time on Cookies sothat next time I can check weather user is coming first time or have visited before.

File Name : index.jsp

File Location : Tomcat_Apache\webapps\gtu24\


File Name :

File Location : Tomcat_Apache\webapps\gtu24\WEB-INF\classes


File Name : web.xml

File Location : Tomcat_Apache\webapps\gtu24\WEB-INF\


Output (First Time)

GTU WTAD Practical 24

Output (Second Time Visit)

GTU WTAD Practical 24

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