JavaScript Introduction

JavaScript Introduction

JavaScript Introduction

What is JavaScript

JavaScript is popular Client Side scripting language basically used for many purpose including validation.

Where you can use JavaScript ?

JavaScript can be used for validation purpose.

JavaScript can be used to check blank fields before form can be submitted.

Hello World JavaScript using Document.Write() : This method is used to display some string on client browser.


Hello World JavaScript using alert() : This method is used to display message to user.


Hello World JavaScript using getElementById() : This method is generally used to paste more data into Division Tag or Paragraph.


How to Declare Variable in JavaScript
To declare Variable in Javascript var keyword is used. eg. var name=”Adarsh Patel”;

Is JavaSctipt Case Sensitive ?



Which operator is supported by JavaScript?

Almost all Operators which is available in C Like Language is supported by JavaScript.


How to Declare Button and Function in JavaScript ?


Display Variable Value along with How to Contact Two String:


Adarsh Patel

My Self Adarsh Suryakant Patel. Currently I am working as Assistant Professor at Parul Instiute of Engineering and Technology, MCA Department, Limda, Vadodara. Major Responsibility : * Lectures * Organizing Training and Expert Sessions for * Placement and Recruitment * Faculty Representative