Now you have to keep WhatsApp, Hike Message for longer time


If you are using Social Messaging like WhatsApp, Hike and you are from India then you must keep your message for longer period. As per the union government put up draft on National Encryption Policy.


This draft “National Encryption Policy” has been put up in front of the experts for comments, suggestions.  As per the draft all websites and apps need to use the same kind of encryption algorithm. If you own the website or apps then you must change it accordingly.


Another major important points that website need to store data in plain text. It can be vulnerable if someone stolen that data.


Hope this policy will increase awareness about the use of Encryption.

Adarsh Patel

My Self Adarsh Suryakant Patel. Currently I am working as Assistant Professor at Parul Instiute of Engineering and Technology, MCA Department, Limda, Vadodara. Major Responsibility : * Lectures * Organizing Training and Expert Sessions for * Placement and Recruitment * Faculty Representative