Simple Calculator using Servlet

Simple Calculator using Servlet

This program shows how you can create simple calculator using Servlet. Here you need to create one home page which will be used take some input from the users like number1, number2 and operator. Once you user fill all required fields and click on submit you need to send their request to Servlet. Here Servlet will process calculate that data based on the operator selected by the users.


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Check out sample code on simple calculator using servlet

<form method=”get” action=”./CalculateServlet”>
Number 1 : <input type=”text” name=”no1″> <br>
Number 2 : <input type=”text” name=”no2″> <br>
Operator :

<select name=”opt”>
<option value=”p”> + </option>
<option value=”m”> – </option>
<option value=”mul”> * </option>
<option value=”d”> / </option>


<input type=”submit” value=”Go”>


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