7 latest features for android developers

7 latest features for android developers

7 latest features for android developers

7 latest features for android developers is targeted for android developers who is already developing android apps. If you wish to use latest features provided by android then you must read this article to aware with the latest functionality of android. Google is continuously updating android operating system to enhance user experience and support more number of hardware devices like google has started with mobile device then after it started support for Tablets, TV, Wearable Devices and Automobiles.

Here is 7 latest features for android developers.

  1. Android Fingerprint Authentication
  2. Android Direct Share
  3. Android Voice Interaction
  4. Android App Linking
  5. Enhanced Notification in Android
  6. Improved Bluetooth in Android
  7. Android for Work Features


Feature 1 : Android Fingerprint Authentication

Now a days password is not 100% secure methods to authenticate users as we all know that many websites has started 2-step verification system to authenticate users with some other method that’s second layer of authentication. Android has introduce Fingerprint Authentication to verify user with its finger. Its very fast compared to other authentication method.

Feature 2 : Android Direct Share

Direct share features can be used to share your content directly with specific activity or users. For example if you are developing android app and in some activity user need to write some content and need to post. You can use direct share option to get text directly from other apps and can post it directly.

Feature 3 : Android Voice Interaction

People don’t want to type everything. So Google has introduced very good feature about Voice Interaction. Using this feature you can interact with your activity with voice and its very useful and quick. You can unable your apps to receive voice commands your app can be more interactive then older one.

Feature 4 : Android App Linking

Android App Linking is Great if you are having website and android app both. Now a days people has started making android app to catch more customer base. As people are using mobile more frequently then computers as computers are having few limitations while using mobile you can access world wide web easily even when you are travelling ! Best example of Android App Linking is used by most of the online shopping websites which are having websites and mobile apps both to get more customers.


Feature 5 : Enhanced Notification in Android

Sometimes we don’t Love Notification, But we love to check notification on Facebook and WhatsApp ! Notification is very useful when you are doing business and getting notification that X user is interested in your product or service, It increases your sale. Android has updated notification with few more features like direct reply from notification, which will save your time from switching between apps.


Feature 6 : Improved Bluetooth in Android

Bluetooth ?? We all are not using Bluetooth not more after wifi is introduced. But here is good news that Google has updated Bluetooth version in Android so android developer can take advantage of Bluetooth for the development of android apps. Now Bluetooth can be operated with less energy. So start making android apps which uses Bluetooth.


Feature 7 : Android for Work Features

As we all know that in our regular computer operating system there are multi user system but in mobile it was single user system. Now android is coming up with multi users kind of system where administrator of the mobile have flexibility to install app or manage app and much more.


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