7 secret steps to create android app

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7 secret steps to create android app

7 secret steps to create android app

7 secret steps to create android app the world’s best easy step to develop android apps which you have in your mind. There are many companies working on android development. Here is the very easy quick steps which can help you to build your first android app in short period of time. I am 100% sure that you will surely develop your own android app after reading this post. Check out complete article to start developing of android apps.


7 secret steps to create android app Step by step guide:

  1. Download JDK and JRE
  2. Download Android Studio
  3. Download Android SDK
  4. Create Emulator to Test Android App
  5. Create your First Android App
  6. Write code and prepare design
  7. Run your first android app


Step 1 : Download JDK and JRE

JDK (Java Developer Toolkit) and JRE (Java Runtime Environment) is required for developing android apps. You need to download latest JDK and JRE from the following website Download JDK and JRE or alternatively you can search for google like download jdk or download jre.


Step 2 :  Download Android Studio

As second step to develop your android apps is to download the world’s best development tool for android. Android Studio is developed and maintained by the Google. Now its time to download Android Studio and getting started.


Step 3 : Download Android SDK

As step 3 of developing android apps you need to download SDK for Android which is collection of functions and header files which will help you to develop android apps. For example if you wish to display message on android phone then you don’t know how to display text on the screen for the you need to use some control like (TextView) which is already defined inside the SDK and will help you to display text.


Step 4 : Create Emulator to Test your Android App

Now its time to run emulator (its sample mobile phone which may help you to test your android app). Create emulator of your required configuration and run it. It may take some time to load. So meanwhile develop your first android app and once Android Emulator runs run your android app.


Step 5 : Create your First Android App

Now its show time ! go to File > New and Create your first android app. Drag TextView to Screen and Write down text you want to add. You can add more view (control) if you wish and Ready to Launch !


Step 6 : Write code and prepare design

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Here is the time to design your android app which look better. You can use color combinations from the w3schools or color scheme provided by the google. Color Selection of w3Schools or Color Suggested by Google for Android Apps .


Step 7 : Run your first android app

Hope you have successfully developed your first android app as explained in above 6 steps. Now you need to run app in the Android Emulator. Click on Run from the toolbar or press Shift + F10.


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