ACID Properties : Database Transaction Concept

ACID Properties : Database Transaction Concept

ACID Properties

A transaction is a unit of program execution that accesses and possibly updates various data items. The transaction consists of all operations executed between the begin transaction and end transaction.

Introduction to Database System can help you to understand basic concept of database management system.

Properties of Transaction (ACID Properties):

  • Atomicity: Either all operations of the transactions are reflected, or none are.
  • Consistency: Execution of transaction is isolation.
  • Isolation: Each transaction is unaware of other transactions.
  • Durability: After a transaction completes successfully, the changes it has made to the database persist.

Transaction State:

  • Active:
  • Partially Committed:
  • Failed:
  • Aborted:
  • Committed:

Benefits of concurrency:

  • Improved throughput and resource utilization.
  • Reduced waiting time.


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