Android Tutorial Day 1

Learning Objective: Let’s start learning Android App Development from the scratch. I am going to explain all the concepts one by one and make you Pro Android Developer in a month or two. Let’s Start.

Few Important Terminology you need to understand before you start learning Android App Development.

Android Studio: Android Studio is used to develop android app. You can download android studio using Download Android Studio and install it on your computer.

Android SDK: SDK Stands for Software Developer Kit. Android SDK is collection of tools which required to build android application.

Android AVD: AVD Stands for Android Virtual Device. When you are developing android application you need to test your android app with some dummy device, to install dummy device on your computer you can try AVD. Popular AVD.

Java Language: Java Language Knowledge is required to build Android Application. In Android Application when you want to perform any kind of operations like on button click you want to move from one screen to another screen then this code can be written in Java Language. Learn Java

XML Language: XML Language is used in Layout Design for Android App. When you want to design your android application layout you need to use XML Language. Learn XML Language

Kotlin Language: Kotlin is new language used for Android App Development. If you don’t want to use Java Language for Android App Development you can use Kotlin Language. Learn Kotlin

Google Play Store: This is one of the first choice for all android phone users to download Android App and Games. In your android phone you open play store app to download any new android app. So as a Android App Developer you should know about Play Store Publish Console. To publish your app to Play store one time charges is of 25$ is applicable. You can upload unlimited app after creating account. If you wish to upload app to any other store here is Play Store Alternatives.

Activity: Activity means you see any screen on android application and you can interact with it, This means it is activity. Activity has 2 important elements to understand. 1. Layout and 2. Code Behind.

Service: Service is background activity happening in background. For example you are sharing your live location on WhatsApp with your friends. Once you started it your friend can see your realtime locations. This is example of Service. Service has mostly code behind file only.

Layout File: All android screen layout resides in res/layout folder. Layout can be for 1. Activity, 2. Fragment, 3. Sub Layout etc.

Code File: When you are performing any actions and Android App respond you with some or other options then this happens via Code Behind File.