Android Tutorial Day 2

Learning Objective: Hope you have understood the key terminology about Android App Development. Now Let’s Start using Android Studio and make our first Hello World Application.

Checklist before you start:

Android Studio Installation Done?

SDK Installation Done?

AVD Installation Done?

I am Ready to Start

Start Android Studio

Create New Project (Select Option Phone and Tablet) (Select Basic Activity)

Give Project Name, Package Name (This will be your URL when you publish app on play store), Location (Strickly Save to D:\AndroidCode Folder only) (Don’t use Folder name with Space) (Choose Language Java) Minimum SDK : Select 6.0 / 7.0)

Click on Finish to Create Sample Hello World Project for you.

Now you have following files ready:

In your Project > App > manifests > AndroidManifest.xml

In your Project > App > Java > FirstFragment, MainActivity, SecondFragment

In your Project > App > res > Layout > activity_main.xml, content_main.xml, fragment_first.xml, fragment_second.xml

In your Project > App > res > navigation > nav_graph.xml

Now Let’s discuss about all above files, This all files are most important to quick start with android app development.

Ohh… many other folders are also there..

App > res > drawable

App > res > menu

App > res > mipmap

App > res > values >

Gradle Scripts > build.gradle (Modules)

Is anything else i need to study as Beginner? Yes:

View > Tool Window > LogCat

File > Export > Export to Zip File

Build > Generate Signed APK

Now Run & See Hello World Application