Business Management Tips and Techniques

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Business Management Tips and Techniques

business management tips and techniques

Business management tips and techniques include customer data collection, management, inventory management, sales, purchase, reporting and many more. Develop your website free of cost.

Collect 100% Accurate data of your customer, vendor, inventory, etc

100% Accurate Data is must for every business, You need to select medium which can help you to collect 100% accurate data so you won’t get any trouble in a later phase. Now the problem is every time people are not sharing 100% accurate data, So the best way to collect data is to create one google form and send it to your client and ask him to fill up all data.

Make your communication complete

Most of the person send incomplete information at first then receiver asks again for few more details and this conversation takes few days to complete one transaction. Think for few minutes and make sure that you have mentioned everything correctly and nothing is missing. If you can’t able to complete at once, Send that email to yourself and later on you can update and send it to the client.

Make rules for each item/transaction.

Your company/organization needs some rules and regulation for every transaction. for example, if a customer is new, we will collect data and will put into one file and we will send a soft copy to some fix email address. Every quotation we must send a cc to fix email. We will always write person full name, etc etc. You need to build your rules and regulations and ask your staff to follow.

Make your inbox clean.

most of the people ask that send details via email. for example, you are getting customer complaints via email then you must filter email with the label, category so you can focus on pending, in a process and completed the task.  If you can’t manage different email address, make sure to create one email address for all communication. Make sure to write the subject, message with a detailed message.  want to send bulk email to your customer.

Make use of excel

excel is powerful tools, You can manage your complete data in excel. If you think you want to use advanced functionality of excel then you can start writing excel macro program. If you stuck up in excel and need help in excel macro you can contact me.

Make use of customized software

Don’t go with what is said by all. Select your own customized software as per your requirements. You should find proper software which can actually help you. If software is accepted by all your friends, don’t mean it’s suitable for you!, You are different then all other so always select best software suitable for you. If you need direction you may contact me.