Project Ideas for Computer Science Students

Project Ideas for Computer Science Students. If you are doing BCA, MSC IT, BE IT, BE CSE, Diploma, Degree or MCA then you should develop such projects, Make them live on Free/Paid Hosting and don’t forget to add it to your resume.

1)Hardware Complain tracking: When your computer/laptop stops working you generally call to hardware service staff for the repairing/replacement of the parts. Here sometimes they visit at your location or you have to visit their location. Keep all this things in mind make a project.

2)Clinic appointment Booking: Every Clinic want to go for online booking of their customer. Customer can easily book some slots based on the available slots. Payments can be cash during the visit or can be advanced using payment gateway. Make web based online appointment booking system. Appointment reminder should be required for customer and clinic owners.

3) milk dairy management: Milk dairy does so many operations in a day. Keeping all this points in your mind, make complete system which can be used by various departments, owners and customers.

4) Event reminder: People are participating in various events, so keeping all this points in mind, make reminder system based on date time and location. For example when you visit DMart remind me to purchase item A, B & C. Reminder can be based on Location / Date time or both.

5) Task management: Day to day task management for staff. Task creation by admin, allocation to staff members, staff can login and update status of the tasks, admin gets all reports.

6) employees attendance and salary management: For small organizations employees attendance and salary management is required with easy to use softwre, make some simple software, later on you can enhance with biometric integration, sms alerts, email alerts, etc.

7) Patty Cash – cash flow management: Day to day cash management for student, individual person or group of person (family).

8) credit – payment reminder: Credit payment management and tracking.

9) restaurant table booking: Small restaurant wants their users to book table in advance during rush time. You can make system for restaurant owners and customers.

10) car service manager: Every car mechanic wants to manage their customer database, service request details and invoice.

11) hospital patient tracking: Simple easy to use system for hospital to manage day to day patient along with decease details, invoice, treatments, and more.

12) courier tracking system: Courier tracking system for any courier company. customer can check out the status via online website or can get alerts via email, sms, etc.

13) insurance premium reminder: this software if for insurance agent who needs reminder of their customer premium on time, so he can remind customer on time and get incentives.

14) ice cream parlor management: simple basic billing software for ice cream parlor. item management, bill generation, inventory management.

15) TinyPNG :

16) Image Converter :

17) Visitor Counter:

18) Semrush SEO Tool:

19) Twitter Auto Post:

20) broken link checker:

21) Auto post on Social Media :

22) Hash Tag Generator:

23) CSS / JS Compress :

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The Role of Education in Our Life

The Role of Education in Our Life is Most Important. If we are educated properly with technical skills and fundamental skills, then we can make proper decisions when some situation occurs.

Let’s Understand by Example:

If Person is not educated and stuck in some problem, they will always try to fight with current situation and will be happy if he solves some minor problem, But what happens next, the same problem will come again into their life and he is repeating the same solution which he tried yesterday.

Now It’s time to think, If you are facing the same and same problem again then you need to change your way.

Now Let’s think that people is well educated then if he found the same problem many times then he will try to dig something in deep about their origin and will try to finish the problem permanently.

But here education is not only the degree you receive from School or College. Education should include the real life situations and it’s solution.