Java String Comparison : String into integer

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Java String Comparison

Java String Comparison

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Which method is used to compare two String(Java String Comparison) in java?

To compare two strings you need to use equals method. Example:

String s1  = "Adarsh";
String s2  = "Adarsh";
String s3  = "Patel";

s1.equals(s2);                 // TRUE
s2.equals(s1);                 // TRUE
s3.equals(s3);                 // FALSE

How to generate random number using java?

To generate random number within specific limit you have to use nextInt of Random Class.


Random rand = new Random();

int max = 10;
int min = 1;

// Number will be generated between max and min value. (Between 1 – 10)

int randomNum = rand.nextInt((max - min) + 1) + min;

 How to convert string to integer in java?

String str = “10”;
int output = Integer.parseInt(str);            //output is 10

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