Create New Email Account

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Create New Email Account

Create New Email Account

create new email account gives 100% step by step instruction to create email account for FREE or paid. Individual person can go for free email account with limited functionality while businessmen can create paid email account with many more functionality.

FREE Email V/s Paid Email

FREE email services are provided by the many company. Process is very easy to create new email account. Have a look at FREE email service provider. Some company will restrict on space utilization while other make limit on functionality.
Paid email service are best suitable for the business or company. Email communication is official document for every business, So they should select Paid email service provider.

Step by Step Guide to Create new email account.

1. Open email service provider website.
2. Click on Register / Sign Up
3. Fillup the details and verify using email or OTP code received on your mobile.
4. Must enter alternate email address or contact number, This is very useful when you forget your email account password.

Basic functionality provided by many service providers:

Compose Email: This functionality is used to send email to other person. Here two types of email can be written 1) Text or 2) HTML. If you wish to add formatting like bold, italic, font color or similar you should go with HTML mode.

Forward Email: if you have created this email account for temporary purpose or you don’t want to come to this email account to check email, You can use this functionality to forward all incoming email to your regular email account.

Signature: If you wish to add your signature in all outgoing email then best way to write your signature in setting once and save it. Once you setup email signature, you will find this signature text on every new compose.

Setup email account in Microsoft Outlook is the best way to check out your email and send reply to email you have received. But this will be helpful to person who always uses Single computer. If you are accessing email account from multiple computer it would be bit difficult to use Microsoft Outlook. Read step by step guide to configure email account in Microsoft Outlook.