Google Chromecast updates soon in market.

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Google Chromecast updates soon in market.

Google Chromecast

What is Google Chromecast ?

Chromecast is device like USB Pendrive, but its used to stream your mobile video directly on your TV. You need to plugin this device to HDMI port of your TV. Google chromecast is working on WIFI.

To send your mobile screen directly on your TV you need to use “cast screen” option from your smartphone.  If you have any video or movie on your smartphone or tablets use cast screen option to directly start it on your TV.

Chromecast can be used for many purpose only for redirecting your movie or video to TV but you can enjoy many other feature of the google chromecast to surf video on or even you can surf Google Play.

Major Functionality provided by Chromecast

  • Cast your mobile video to TV
  • Surf play store on your TV
  • Cast your Laptop screen to TV
  • You can also stream movie from your Google Drive

To purchase device and check out more feature look at the official website of google chromecast.

Look at the Chromecast android apps to manage your device easily.

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