Introduction to HTML

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Introduction to HTML

HTML is markup language used to develop websites. HTML can be written in any text editor for example you  can use notepad or notepad++ to write your HTML Code. More sophisticated way to write your HTML code is to write using Eclipse or Dreamweaver. There are thousands of editor is available to write code for HTML.

Basic Building Blocks of Introduction to HTML (Save as : index.html and run in any browser)

         <title> My First Web Page </title>
              Hello World

Most Popular Editors for writing HTML Code.

  • Notepad
  • Notepad++ : Download
  • Eclipse : Download
  • Dreamweaver : Download


Learn about HTML Tags before you start writing your web page.
  • HTML tag is used to write down to make your webpage
  • HTML tags are surrounded by < and > (it is called as angle breacket)
  • Basically there are two types of tag in HTML
    • Pair Tag : Most of the html tag is pair tag. It means staring and ending tag. eg. <b> and </b> is pair tag.
    • Singular Tag : Very few tags are singular tag in HTML. eg. <br/>
  • HTML tags is not case sensitive


Most frequently used All HTML Tags:

  • <html>
    • <head>
      • <title>
  • <body background=”image1.png” backcolor=”#RRGGBB”>
    • <b>
    • <i>
    • <u>
    • <p>
    • <center>
    • <font face=”arial” size=”2″ color=”#FF0000″>
    • <br/>
    • <h1>
    • <h2>
    • <h3>
    • <h4>
    • <h5>
    • <h6>
    • <div>
    • <hr width=”50%” size=”2″ align=”center”>
    • <ul>
      • <li>
    • <ol>
      • <li>
    • <table border=”1″ cellspacing=”” cellpadding=””>
      • <tr>
        • <td colspan=”2″ rowspan=”2″>
        • <th>
    • <a href=””> Email Me </a>
    • <a href=”page2.html” target=”_blank”> Link Name </a>
    • <a href=”page2.html#Bookmark1″ target=”_blank”> Link Name </a>
    • <img src=”images/image1.png” alt=”Image1 small desc”> </img>
    • <form>
      • <input type=”text”>
      • <input type=”password”>
      • <input type=”button”>

How to Print Special Character in HTML

  • Space : &nbsp;
  • < : &lt;
  • > : &gt;
  • & : &amp;
  • : &quote;


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