Java Application V/s Java Applet

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Java Application V/s Java Applet

Java Application and Java Applet both are different in many aspects. Begineer thinks both are same but it’s misunderstanding. Here is Comparision about Java Application and Applet.

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Java Application

Java Applet

Must be installed on local machine. Need no explicit installation on local machine.
Must be run explicitly within a java compatible machine. Loads and runs it at automatically in a java enabled browser.
Can run with or without a graphical user. Must run within a graphical user interface.
Starts execution with its main method. Starts execution with its init method.
Once stared, manages its own flow of control. Has its flow of executing determined partly by its browser context.
Has no inherent security restriction. Has significant security controls to prevent poorly written applets from harming the user’s system.

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