Java MCQ : Java Objective Questions

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 Java MCQ

  1. ______is one of the inventors of Java (James Gosling)
  2. ___________ Command is used to compile Java Program. (javac)
  3. __________ Output of Java compiler (Bytecode)
  4. Is Java is Case Sensitive Language ? (True)
  5. Is Java Platform (Yes)
  6. A _______is a set of objects that share a common structure and a common behaviour.(class)
  7. Is Integer is premitive type in java ? (False)
  8. A class is a blueprint for constructing of ________(object)
  9. Is int is premitive type in java ? (Yes)
  10. javac command is used to convert java file into _________ file (.class / bytecode)
  11. Is Java technology is programming language as well as platform. (True)
  12. Which tag is used to run applet on browser (Applet)
  13. Java was developed by _______ (Sun Microsystems)
  14. can you use java to build web application ? (Yes)
  15. _______is the process of hiding all the internal details of an object from the outside world. (Encapsulation)
  16. which command is used to run your applet ? (appletviewer / using html file applet tag)
  17. which one is most important features of java to run it on cross platform. (Platform-Independent.)
  18. _______is one of the most important features of java that can handle multiple tasks simultaneously. (Threading)
  19. Java compiler produces an intermediate code(using javac command) known as __________ (Bytecodes)
  20. _______tool helps us to find errors in our programs. (jdb)

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