Resume Tips : Best Resume Tips

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Resume Tips

Resume Tips

Resume is the first impression. Make sure you should prepare your own resume after reviewing many resume. Here I would like to share my personal experience about how to prepare resume with this post Resume Tips to impress HR and increase your chance for the Job or Project Training.

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Here I would like to share few Resume Tips how you should prepare your resume.

Step 1 : Look for at least 5 Resume on (You can checkout best suitable style from this)

Step 2 : Check out Style and Prepare Your style for making your own resume.

Step 3 : Collect Your all previous educational degree and make summary of the same.

Step 4 : Now Start Preparing Your own resume.


What’s Order should be in Your Resume:

Section 1 : Basic Most Important Information which should be on the top of the Page

  • First Line Should be Your Name along with Your Degree
  • Second Line Should be Your Company Name with Designation
  • Third Line Should be Your Email Address and Contact Number

Section 2 : Your Past Experience and Education Information

  • Job Experience (Make sure to add company name, from date, to date, total years.)
  • Skills ()
  • Educational Information (Degree, University, Pass out Year, Percentage)

Section 3 : Personal Information and Remaining Information.

  • Personal Details (Make sure to include alternate email address, alternate contact number, address, etc)


Where to apply After You Prepare Your Best Resume

Sample Resumes Coming Soon

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