Send Bulk Emails Online Free

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Send Bulk Emails Online Free

Send Bulk Emails Online Free

Send Bulk Emails Online Free of cost to your customer. To continuously active your customer you need to drop frequent email to your customer. You can send email about new product launched, how to article, information, etc.

Why not to send bulk email from  or regular email account?

Don’t try to blast multiple email from your regular email account. Every email account are having some limit, for example if you are using then you have limit of 100 email per day, If you send more email then this limit your email account can be blocked. if you want to receive email just for the verification purpose, you can use disposable email address.

What is difference between regular email account V/s Bulk Email Account?

Normally in regular email account we writes email and send it to few email address, While in case of Bulk email we need to create contact list first then we need to create campaign to send email.

List of Bulk Email Service Providers:

  • MailChimp
  • Constant Contact
  • Amazon Simple Email Service (SES)

Confirm following feature before you purchase Bulk Emails service online:

  • Easy to manage contact list
  • Email tracking details
  • Templates to create email draft
  • Insights & Reports

If you are not having time to write down email and send it to your customer frequently, you can contact your near by bulk email service provider near you, who can write and circulate email on behalf of you. If you need any help in selecting bulk email service provider, you may contact us via contact us page.