WordPress Tutorial Day 1

Learning Objective: WordPress is Most Popular easy to use Content Management System, Almost 40% of the world’s website is built using WordPress. So Let’s Start with WordPress Installation & Run.

Step 1 : Install Server on your PC

Install XAMPP in your computer (XAMPP Download Link) you can also use WAMP Server or AppServer

Start Apache

Start MySQL

Step 2: Download WordPress and Install

WordPress Download Link

Extract WordPress into XAMPP/htdocs/website (Here create website folder into htdocs)

Step 3: Create Database for WordPress

Create Database in MySQL using PHPMyAdmin (http://localhost/phpmyadmin)

Step 4: Install WordPress

Open URL: http://localhost/website/ and follow steps to install it.

Now you will have two URLs

Website URL: http://localhost/website/


WordPress Admin URL: http://localhost/website/wp-admin/

WordPress Tutorial Day 3

Learning Objective: Now Let’s explore useful WordPress Themes which can help you to build website easily.

WordPress Provides Thousands of Themes but we would like to discuss about the WordPress Popular Themes Astra.

Astra Themes Per day download is almost 5000.

Astra Themes Provides 50+ Various Website with Complete Layouts, Contents and more.

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