WordPress Tutorial Day 1

Learning Objective: WordPress is Most Popular easy to use Content Management System, Almost 40% of the world’s website is built using WordPress. So Let’s Start with WordPress Installation & Run.

Step 1 : Install Server on your PC

Install XAMPP in your computer (XAMPP Download Link) you can also use WAMP Server or AppServer

Start Apache

Start MySQL

Step 2: Download WordPress and Install

WordPress Download Link

Extract WordPress into XAMPP/htdocs/website (Here create website folder into htdocs)

Step 3: Create Database for WordPress

Create Database in MySQL using PHPMyAdmin (http://localhost/phpmyadmin)

Step 4: Install WordPress

Open URL: http://localhost/website/ and follow steps to install it.

Now you will have two URLs

Website URL: http://localhost/website/


WordPress Admin URL: http://localhost/website/wp-admin/