WTAD Assignment

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WTAD Assignment

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WTAD Assignment -1

  1. Explain JavaScript. List advantages and Disadvantages of the same.
  2. Explain DOM
  3. Write code snippet to display ordered list.
  4. Write code snippet to validate login form using JavaScript
  5. Explain Properties, method, event of HTML.

WTAD Assignment – 2

  1. Define Servlet. Explain Servlet Life Cycle.
  2. Discuss all method of HttpServletRequest and HttpServletResponse.
  3. Write a Servlet program which generates a plain text.
  4. Write a Servlet program which generates html page.
  5. Explain following.
    1. setContentType()
    2. setStatus()
    3. setContentLength()
    4. isCommited()
    5. sendRedirect()
    6. EncodeURL()
    7. sentError()

WTAD Assignment – 3

  1. Draw the diagram to explain the flow of control for Servlet Program.
  2. Write a Servlet Program which receives userid and password from index page and redirect to home if both is admin else redirect back to index page and display error message.
  3. Write a code to read a HttpHeader in servlet.
  4. What are the major differences between doGet( ) and doPost( )?
  5. What is Session? Where it is used?
  6. What is Cookies? Where it is used?
  7. Define Descriptor (web.xml) file.
  8. List out the <form> element attributes and <input> element “type” attributes.

WTAD Assignment – 4

  1. Write an example to demonstrate the use of various html tags to prepare home page of gtu.
  2. Explain Lifecycle of Servlet with available functions
  3. Write Down steps for Sending the Cookies from Server to Client
  4. Write Down Steps for Receiving Cookies from Client to Server
  5. Write a servlet that just says “Welcome.” To Internet Explorer Users and “Good Bye” to all other non-IE users.
  6. Explain the various types of inputs provided by HTML
  7. Explain Java Script Arrays
  8. Briefly discuss the following HTTP 1.1 request headers:
  9. i) Accept ii) Accept-Charset iii) Host iv) Accept-Language v) Authorization vi) Cookie vii) User-Agent
  10. Explain the following methods of HttpServletResponse with examples.
  11. i) setContentType() ii) setStatus() iii) sendError() iv) sendRedirect() v) setContentLength()
  12. vi) encodeURL() vii) isCommited()

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