WTAD Practical Sample Paper 1

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WTAD Practical Sample Paper 1

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Gujarat Technological University

Practical Examination – May-June 2011

MCA Semester – IV

Subject Code: 640012 Subject Name: Programming skills-VII (WTAD)


Sr. No Definition
1 Write a java script code to make a calculator.
2 A. Write a JavaScript code using arrays and generate the current date in words, this should include the day, the month and the year. (e.g. Monday, May 16,2011). B. Write a JavaScript to build a marquee (a scrolling text box) in JavaScript and HTML.
3 Develop a windows database application to perform the database operations like record Navigation, insert, delete and search on Student table having following details.

Database: Oracle

Table: Stud_Info

      Field Name     Field Type

Stud_id            Integer

Stud_name      varchar

Stud_city         varchar

Stud_phone     Numeric

Stud_std          Numeric

Stud_div          varchar

Stud_gender    varchar

Stud_bod        date

4 Develop a JSP file which will accept the user input e.g Personal Info, Education etc. and display the same content in MS Excel file.
5 Write a Servlet to display all the attributes available from httprequest and servlet context.
6 Develop a servlet application for the interest calculation. Consider few dummy rules for Income tax calculation

If salary < 1,00,000 PA     tax =0

If salary > 100000 and < 2,00,000 then tax =10%

If salary is > 2,00,000 PA the 10% on amount less than 2,00,000 and 15 % on amt above 2,00,000

For female employees provide tax reduction of 4% in all above tax rates.

Prepare a file on server which takes care of this rule. Given salary and gender from the client side, return the actual amount of tax to be paid.

7 Create a web page which displays a list of different items. Create another page using servlet which will display all the selected items by the user. Users may navigate back and forth to select different items and view all items selected by him.
8 Develop a beans application having property named Stu_ID, Stu_Program. Use <jsp:useBean> standard action to set and get the beans property with Application scope.


9 Develop a web application in JSP with insert, delete and update operations.

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Database: Oracle

Table: Product Info.

Field Name    


Prod_name       i.e Model Name or number




10 Develop an index.jsp page to import external text file (test.txt) in it using standard tag library of JSTL.

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