WTAD Practical Sample Paper 2

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WTAD Practical Sample Paper 2

Design an application where a user enters username and password, and requests for a servlet. Use filter to validate the password. If password is valid servlet is given as response, otherwise give appropriate message through filter.

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Design an application that allows user to enter the user-id. If the user type is librarian show him “librarian.jsp” and if the user type is “member” show him “member.jsp”.


  1. Create a page using JSTL that prints the prime numbers between 5 to 50.
  2. Create a JSP that includes the bring the complete list of news from “sports.html”,       “business.html”, “politics.html” and “bollywood.html”.


Write a program for creating Servlet, which looks for session attributes for username and password and forwards to a home.jsp in case the session attributes are valid and forwards to login.jsp in case session attributes are not found/valid.


Write a servlet application that allows entering the emp-id of the employee. Based on the emp-id given, fetch his personal details and salary details (Basic, HRA, DA, TA, IT, PF) from the database. Display the details along with the net salary.


Write a Java script to take input as a number. Check if it is a number. If it is a number, check whether it is a palindrome or not. And if it is a string, display it in reverse order.


Design an application that takes input as father’s age and son’s age. The user should be redirected to “myError.jsp”, if any of the age is invalid and also if father’s age is less than or equal to sons’ age. Otherwise the user should be redirected to “Welcome.jsp”, where the father’s age at the son’s birth time is shown.


Develop an application that keeps the track of personal information of an employee. Given the employee id or the employee name (assume to be unique), return status OK along with the details if the name/id is valid, or else return the Not Found status. Make use of HTTP status codes.


Develop an application that takes input as a name, email-id and mobile number of user. Validate the given input using javascript. If the input is valid, a servlet that shows his details alongwith his session details.


Devlop an application that allows user to manipulate cookie. Give the option to the user, either to add a cookie, delete a cookie or delete later(after 10 seconds).


Create an page that display the list of subjects a user may choose. Create another page that list out the subjects the user has selected. The user may navigate between these pages any number of times to change his choice and view.


Design a custom tag to print the given word in reverse order. Create java-based as well as JSP based custom tag.


Create a filter to maintain the log of suspicious access of a particular JSP. Access to the JSP on Sundays is suspicious. Also design the JSP for the application. The JSP should display the details about sales history of the company for past 7 years. The output should be shown in excel format.


Design a Listener that loads the name of company as an init-parameter in context. Use this name on the JSP – product.jsp and contactus.jsp of the website. (HINT: Implement ServletContextListener interface)


Develop a database application to maintains a phone directory. User may add a new entry in a directory, modify the phone number of a particular user and may also delete the particular entry.


Design a page having link for 3 jsp pages and print the access count by including a file as footer which maintains and prints different access count for each jsp page.


Design an Employee registration form which uses all the form controls and print the data entered by the user using EL.


Write a servlet to send email to to the list of selected mail ids. Maintain state using cookies. The form should provide set of checkboxes for different email ids and two buttons viz ‘Send Mail’ and ‘Add/Remove Address’. When user clicks send mail it should send the mails using mailto protocol and when user presses ‘Add/Remove Address’ button the same interface with already selected users should be shown with current selection.


Design a form to accept numerator and denominator from the user and print the factorial of result. Incase exception occurs errorpage.jsp should be displayed with user friendly message.


Design a login application using MVC architecture. The form should be a jsp page which will call a servlet acting as controller. The controller servlet should populate the bean and generate new views depending on validity of user. (UseRrequestDispacher)


Write a filter to create log entries about remote host , remote URL and date and time of access. Apply this filter to “Hello World” servlet and “Hello World” JSP Page.


Develop a JSP Page to display the personal information and result information of the student in two different tabular formats. Use Oracle database table as source.


Develop a JSP Page to perform database driven operations like insert, Delete, Update and selection with table named Employee having fields like empId, Name, Address, Salary.

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Develop a program to perform the database driven operation like insert, Delete, Update and select. To perform the above operations create one table named Employee.

Field Name                         Field Type

EmpId                                   varchar(5)

Empname                            Varchar(30)

Emp_desig                           Varchar(30)

Emp_J_Date                         Date

Emp_Salary                           Number(10,2)


Develop a interest calculation application in which user will provide all information in HTML form and that will be processed by servlet and response will be generated back the user via JSP Page using beans. Write javascript code for input validation.


Assume that the information regarding the marks for all the subjects of a student in the last exam are available in a database, Develop a Servlet which takes the enrollment number of a student as a request parameter and displays the marksheet for the student.


Write the following programs

  1. Create a Event Registration form containing fields like Participant Name, Address, Phone No and email id and do the needful validations for empty and valid emailed field.
  2. Take above form and write a Servlet to insert the values in Event Table in database using JDBC and display the List of registered students.


Create a Shopping HTML page which allows the selection of multiple products. Give checkbox against the name of the item. The user selects the checkboxes of those items which he wants to purchase and clicks the Submit button. The items selected are added to the shopping cart maintained in session. The next page displays the Bill to the user along with each item in the bill its amount and the last line displays the bill total. Store the item name, its price in the session.


Create a login form containing username and password fields. After successful login display the salary details for the specified login id using JSP. Retrieve the details of salary from a salaryDetails table containing fields like loginid, password, grossSalary, netSalary, dateOfDeposit. If user tries to retrieve the JSP Page directly then user should be redirected to login page.


Write a servlet to read the name of product from the user via form and retrieve the details of specified product from sales table and display in ms-excel format. Consider that the structure of sales table as ProductName, quarter1Sale, quarter2Sale, quarter3Sale, quarter4Sale

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