WTAD Practical Sample Paper 3

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WTAD Practical Sample Paper 3

Write a JavaScript program to add the elements in to two array, merge both the array
and display the merged array in ascending order.

Write Javascript and perform the following task.
* Ask the user for his/her name.
* Tell the user how long the name is.
* Print the name in uppercase and lowercase.
* Print the first character of the name.
* Say whether the name contains the letter ‘v’.
* Say whether the user is a Netscape or Internet Explorer user.
* Say whether the user is a Windows NT user.

Develop a windows application which will show the below mentioned database
information in Proper tabular format using swing JTable.
Database: Oracle SQL
Table: Stud_Info
Field Name  Field Type
Stud_id  Integer
Stud_name  varchar
Stud_city  varchar
Stud_std  Numeric
Stud_div  varchar
Stud_gender  varchar
Stud_bod  date

Develop a JSP page having student’s personal information and Subject Marks. A
servlet will process the Marks data (total and percentage) and based on the result
(Pass/Fail) redirect the response to proper page and display the message.

Suppose we have three pdf files for the MCA-1 result, MCA-2 result and MCA-3 result
respectively. Now write a Servlet which displays the appropriate PDF file to the client,
by looking at a request parameter for the year (1, 2 or 3).

Develop an application to write a “page-composite” index.jsp that will pass control to
another page which also includes inner.jsp having a message “Welcome to Gujarat
Technological University”.

Develop a beans application having property named Emp_no, Emp_Name. Use
<jsp:useBean> standard action to set and get the beans property with request

Develop a web application which will show the below mentioned database
information in jsp page in a tabular format.
Database: Oracle SQL
Table: Emp_Info
Field Name  Field Type
Emp _id  Integer
Emp_name  varchar
Emp_city  varchar
Emp_Dept  varchar
Emp_gender  varchar
Emp_DoJ  date

Write a JSP page to find the factorial of a given number using standard tag library
of JSTL.
Make a JSP page that lets the user supply a request parameter indicating the
background color. If no parameter is supplied, a background color should be selected
at random


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