WTAD Question Bank

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WTAD Question Bank

  1. Explain Following HTML Tag with example: (i) Title, Head (ii) OL, UL (iii) Table with TH,TR,TD
  2. Write a java script to check whether a number entered in textbox is prime or not
  3. Explain Lifecycle of Servlet with available functions
  4. What is HTTP Status Code? Explain all HTTP Status codes
  5. What is Session and Cookie? How they are used in JSP Page? Explain with each one with separate example.
  6. Write an example to demonstrate the use of various html tags to prepare home page of gtu.
  7. Write Down steps for Sending the Cookies from Server to Client
  8. Write Down Steps for Receiving Cookies from Client to Server
  9. What is SC? Discuss any five status code in brief
  10. Write a servlet that just says “Welcome.” To Internet Explorer Users and “Good Bye” to all other non-IE users.
  11. How a constructor can be used to initialize user defined objects in JavaScript?
  12. What is the difference between getHeaderNames and getHeaders method of Http-ServletRequest?
  13. Describe the two situation in which one might use URLs that refer to one’s own site?
  14. Explain the various types of inputs provided by HTML.
  15. What is meant by Referer header? What is the value of request.getHeader(“Referer”), if the user simply types the address of a page in the browser?
  16. Write the lines which creates cookie with userID E00123 and sets the maximum age to 15 days. What is the interpretation if maximum age is 0?
  17. Write specific steps required by the servlet to generate JPEG images.
  18. What is the significance of 302 and 404 status code returned by HttpServletRespose? Which methods can be used to set this?
  19. Explain use of “referer” header with reference to request headers with suitable example
  20. Explain use of setStatus() with suitable example
  21. Write a Javascript that changes background color to red if user presses the mouse button.
  22. Write a JavaScript function to add two numbers when user presses submit button.
  23. What is the code in HTML so that someone can mail by just clicking on text?
  24. Write a code for create a multiple list in HTML.
  25. Which two methods are used for takes keyboard input and screen output in Java Script?
  26. Write JavaScript to display “Hello World” .
  27. What are the major differences between doGet( ) and doPost( )?
  28. Explain ServletResponse.
  29. Explain Java Script Arrays.
  30. Explain Web Descriptor (web.xml) file. Explain the structure of web.xml with sample data.
  31. What is HttpServlet? Explain the methods of HttpServlet.
  32. Define Cookies. How will you handle cookies in Servlet? Explain with suitable example.
  33. What do you mean by Cookies? Mention the benefits of Cookies. How will you set and get cookies in servlet, explain with example.
  34. Why Cookies used? Explain how Cookies are send and received by the servlet.
  35. What is Cookie? Differentiate session cookie with persistent cookies.
  36. What is JavaScript? What are the advantages of JavaScript?
  37. Discuss all access methods of HttpServletRequest in detail.
  38. Describe important status codes for HTTP 1.1 protocol.
  39. Explain the Date object of java script with any two methods.
  40. As a programmer state the weaknesses of servlet.
  41. Write a code to read a HttpHeader in servlet.
  42. Explain Javascript function with example.
  43. Discuss javascript events with proper example.
  44. Write a Servlet program which generates a plain text.
  45. Briefly discuss the following HTTP 1.1 request headers:
  46. i) Accept ii) Accept-Charset iii) Host iv) Accept-Language v) Authorization vi) Cookie vii) User-Agent
  47. Explain the following methods of HttpServletResponse with examples.
  48. i) setContentType() ii) setStatus() iii) sendError() iv) sendRedirect() v) setContentLength()
  49. vi) encodeURL() vii) isCommited()
  50. Write the advantages of JavaScript. Explain any three methods of Date and String objects of JavaScript.
  51. Discuss types of CSS
  52. What is servlet package? Explain with example
  53. What is client request? Explain getParameter method
  54. Discuss four main methods of HttpServletRequest.
  55. Write a JavaScript to input two numbers and find out max. Put validation -both value is not null.

Answer the following:

  1. We can save external JavaScript file with ____ extension.
  2. Error between 400 and 499 represents ____.
  3. If the cookies are disabled on clinet-side, the alternate mechanism that can be used is _____ .
    1. URL Rewriting b. Forcefully enable the cookies c. Use of beans d. None of the above
  4. JavaScript is created by______ . (Sun, Microsoft, Netscape)
  5. In Javascript, eval(“2 + 0.56”) returns ______.
  6. In servlet, _____ method is used with session object to store information in a session.
  7. CGI Stands for __________.
  8. \${2+2} is ${2+2} will output ___________.
  9. HTML elements with no content are called _______ elements.
  10. Java is _______________and JavaScript is ___________________.
  11. _________ is only property of string object in JavaScript.
  12. Error between 500 and 599 represents ____.
  13. JavaScript is compiled and executed at client. (True / False)
  14. In HTML, <ol> tag is used to create list items with bullets. (True / False)
  15. We must configure and map all jsp files into web.xml. (True / False)
  16. JavaScript Ignores White Space. (True or False)
  17. What will be assign in variable mca by following JavaScript var mca = parseInt(“0xff”) ;
  18. What kind of information 400-499 status code provides?
  19. Error between 100 and 199 represents ____.
  20. What is the use of <load-on-startup> element of web.xml?
  21. The method getWriter returns an object of type PrintWriter. This class has println methods to generate output. Which of these classes define the getWriter method? Select the correct answer. A. HttpServletRequest B. HttpServletResponse C. ServletConfig D. ServletContext

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