WTAD Sample Test Paper 2

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WTAD Sample Test Paper 2

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Q-1Explain lifecycle of a Servlet.                    [3]
Q-2 List & explain any 4 HTTP 1.1 status codes.              [3]
Q-3 List all HTTP 1.1 request headers. Explain any three.            [6]
Q-3 List all HTTP 1.1response headers. Explain any three.            [6]
Q-4 Explain steps for receiving or sending the cookies.              [2]
Q-5 Explain methods of session tracking.                [3]
Q-5Explain use of following session tracking API.              [3]
1) invalidate( )   2)logout( )  3)isNew( )  4)getMaxInteractiveInterval( )
5) getLastAccessedTime ()    6) setAttribute( )
Q-6 List all dialog boxes available in JavaScript. Explain any two.          [3]
Q-7 Develop a servlet which looks for username & password , and forwards to a home.jsp in case
the cookies are valid and forwards to login.jsp, in case the cookies are not  found or the cookies
are not valid.                        [5]
Q-7 Write a servlet that just says “Hello”. Use a red background and a yellow foreground for
Internet Explorer users, use a yellow background and red foreground for Firefox and other
non-IE users.                         [5]
Q-8 Do as directed.                        [5]
1) Which type of value is assigned to the name variable in the following code snippet?
var name=0.5
a)Numeric  b)Float  c)Integer  d)String
2) request.getParameterValues( ) returns an object of ______ ____________ type.
a) array   b) Enumeration  c) arrayList  d) Hashmap
3) The method property is used to specify the method used to send data, which can be
__________ or __________.
4) After executing following code the maximum age of the cookie will be setto one week.
Cookie c = new Cookie(“user”,”mca”);
5) To get an object of the PrintWriter class we use the getWriter( ) method of the ________


WTAD Sample Test Paper 3

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